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What You Can Expect from 3D Printing

When it comes to creating designs such as your product prototype, you can make use of different tools and processes for the job. There are three primary methods of creating prototypes. Subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing with the use of 3D printing technology, and injection molding are these three main processes. Here you will learn more about additive manufacturing with the use of 3D printing technology.

Also known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing is the process of using any computer file to produce a solid object with three dimensions. The process of printing happens in an additive manner where successive layering of materials is done to create a solid object. You can choose from various materials for printing starting with metal to plastic. The process begins with creating a 3D digital file like a computer-aided design. With the creation of a 3D digital file, it will then be sent to a 3D printer by just clicking a print command for printing.

More and more companies have come to accept 3D printing. You even see companies that make use of this technology rather than subtractive manufacturing. Besides, there are more than 70% of manufacturers from across the globe that have relied on 3D printing. Moreover, over 50% of these companies expect 3D printing technology to be used in the development of high-volume products.

3D printing technology has been shown to benefit both individuals and companies. If you want to know more about what you can expect from 3D printing in terms of its benefits, see page for more info.

You get faster production with the use of 3D printing technology. Compared with injection molding and subtractive production, 3D printing is much quicker. 3D printing allows quick testing of designs and ideas starting from the prototype to the final product.

Faster prototype and design production mean more time to improve on the prototype and find products that would fare well with other competitors. The time it will take for 3D printing production to happen is just in hours. It may take you between days to weeks for other manufacturing methods to do about with such a production process.

Another benefit to using 3D printing technology is that it is easily accessible. Because of the increasing interests of 3D printing, both software and hardware have become easier to use because of more competition. You face a lot of issues when you learn new technology. Only with the use of 3D printing can only days be taken to incorporate into your production cycle.

Lastly, the use of 3D printing technology can result in objects with better quality. The process utilizes a step-by-step approach in the assembly of an object that creates enhanced designs and better objects. In addition, cost-effectiveness is an assurance with 3D printing with the labor costs only being one person pressing on the command to print.
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