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Things to Ponder When Purchasing Hay for Your Chinchillas

If you have chinchillas in your home, ensuring that you feed them right is an important part of care giving. You also need to make sure that you give them the right quantity of food to live for many years. The fact is that chinchillas are pets with a special and sensitive digestive system. As a result, they need to be fed with special kind of a diet. It is paramount to appreciate that the rodents were used to feeding on food that is fat-free and fresh vegetables in the wild. Having said that, there is no doubt that you need to ensure that you offer your chinchillas the right food.

Offering your chinchillas a diet that contains fresh hay and high-quality pellets will ensure that they remain healthy. One of the dangers of offering your chinchillas any food is that they can suffer from stomach upset. If you desire to change the chinchillas’ food, introduce the change gradually. The most appropriate food for the chinchillas are fresh hays. The reason is that hays are the food chinchillas were used to since they were in the wild.

Since chinchillas are active during the day, ensuring that they have sufficient hay to feed on can help maintain the right balance in their digestive system. Basically, chinchillas love chewing. Having enough hay to chew during the day helps to keep the teeth of the beautiful rodents healthy and strong. Avoid feeding your rodents soiled hay since the hay may lead to stomach problems.

Make sure that you are careful with the quality of hay that you give your chinchillas. For best results, make sure that you select the right mix of hays. You can give your chinchillas Timothy hay, legume hay, or orchard hays. Giving your chinchillas a mixture of different grasses will ensure optimal health. The internet can be of great help to you in finding the right hay if you cannot find the grasses locally. In case the grass will require shipping, you can do so through these websites.

When buying your chinchillas some hay, the color of the hay is not a factor that you must consider. Whether the hay is green, or dark, leafy hay will provide the nutrients that your chinchillas need. However, you should avoid dark brown hay. This is because it could be a sign of mildew that is poisonous to the chinchillas. Make sure that you do not feed the chinchillas on dusty hay. Your sense of smell can help you discern if you are buying the right hay. If the hay has a foul smell, avoid buying it.

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